Tips on Selecting the Right Divorce Lawyer

Close up of young couple fighting

Finding a good divorce lawyer to handle your case is an extremely important decision.  The divorce lawyer you pick should have a substantial amount of experience in handling these type of cases and every possible situation.  An experienced divorce lawyer should know the various judges and be able to use this information to your advantage.  The lawyer should practice primarily in the field of divorce law and have years of experience.  Try to avoid hiring a lawyer that practices in other fields as every specialty has rules and requirements that not all lawyers happen to know.  Divorce law is a very specialized field that requires skill and experience in order to have the best possible outcome for you.

 Make sure to check on the past cases and prior clients to find out what others have to say about the lawyer you’re interested in.  There are some divorce lawyers have more success at helping their client than others.  Consider asking the Palm Beach Gardens divorce attorney for a list of past clients you can contact who will describe their experience with the lawyer.  Confidentiality is important but any good lawyer should have a client or two that can vouch for him and speak about his personality.

If a client becomes dissatisfied with a lawyer one of the more common complaints is that the were unable to communicate in a timely manner.  It’s very important that a lawyer be accessible and able to respond to your calls and emails.  It’s also wise to ask the lawyer about their office policy and hear what their former clients have to say about the staff.  Divorce is incredibly frustrating and being unable to reach your lawyer can only exacerbate the situation.

 You need to inquire about the initial consultation fee when meeting your divorce lawyer for the very first time. A lawyer may do a brief consultation for free, but an experienced lawyer will charge around $150 as the first consultation fee. Some may even charge an hourly rate. The consultation fee may be used to help weed out the possibility of people who are not serious about hiring the lawyer. Know more about florida no fault divorce.

The initial consultation is important and you need to have a discussion with the lawyer about fees and what to expect.  The fees and experience are very important but another good thing to consider is how comfortable you are with the lawyer.  You need to feel comfortable around the lawyer you decide to go with because if you aren’t comfortable you may not share your exact needs and wants. Your case is too important to trust someone who does not inspire confidence or makes you feel nervous.


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